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Let’s Talk Props for Events When You Have A Photo Booth Rental in Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

When we started our business, we both decided we love the idea of giving guests as much choice as possible and how can we make ourselves different than other booths. Of course, the Mirror’s are amazing and interactive, and the Camper Booth is the first one in Manitoba, but I love a great prop!

We decided to be known as the photo booth that has so many props for your guests to choose from. You can request no props as well. Aside from getting comments about how incredible the mirrors are, the next highest comment is how much they love the assortment of props. We love it. I will be honest there are days I envy other bothers who only put out a few props (alot are going with no props) , as set-up and take down would be so much easier, but when I see how much fun everyone has picking the perfect look for their pictures, I know its so worth it.


You may or may not get these props as each set-up os done differently. You will get a ton of props and the props we feel fit your crowd.

I have written a few stories for reference below. Some stories are in this blog, and some are referenced and put at the end of the blog just in case you want to skip those parts. They are to explain why we have so many rules and some experiences we have had.

There are a lot of draw backs on our side with having so many props, but we always manage to work through it. Unfortunately, we had to add stuff to our contract after the first year of business.

Why My Contract Mentions Props When You have Photo Booth Rental Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba

Story Time #1
I was working with a staff member at an event in Southern Manitoba, and it was going so well! We were having fun with the guests and as people started leaving a lady came up to me and told me someone just left with your wrestling belt. I quickly run out ask for the belt back and this man looked me directly in the eye and said he didn’t have it. As I looked at him, I noticed a bulge under his shirt- he had it on under his shirt…. And was becoming verbally abusive to me. I decided there was nothing I could do aside from lift his shirt however I felt he would have become worse if I did.
The missing wrestling bely prop from a rental in Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba
This Belt has seen alot lol

As I went back to the booth feeling so frustrated, my staff tried. She got on the bus that the guests were on and asked for the belt back again. He told her he did not have it. She too could see the belt under his shirt, but he was not giving in. She too came back defeated.
I decided to pull up the photo of this man and printed it off. The bride and groom came and thanked us and I explained the situation. Turns out that the guest was the plus one of another guest, and they were from Ontario. She told me to leave it with her after I explained that I would have to charge her for the missing prop as it was taken on purpose.
Two weeks later a box arrived in the mail. Inside was the belt, no letter nothing not even a sorry but we got our belt back.


Story Time #2

My husband and Daughter-In-Law were scheduled to work and event at 8pm also in Southern Manitoba. We had set-up the booth and put up an animation that stated the booth is closed please wait for the attendant. At about 6pm I get a call from a bridesmaid saying why is the booth not running, I have tried everything, including unplugging the booth and we can not get it to work. I could not breath, you what? Apparently, she thought she knew how to run a $12000.00 machine and we all just unplug our computers rather than shut them down. I explained that we are not contracted to start until 8pm and I am unsure now if we will be able to start at 8pm as this was the first time our Mirror X had been out, and my Daughter-In-Law had yet to help set-up.

Thankfully they arrived and I walked them through the set-up. The night continued on and they went to shut down. It was already after the paid time. This man decided to make a stink and said to my husband this is the bride’s dad and he paid you so you have to take our picture. My husband and Daughter-in-law decided to do it but explained that we were only paid until 10pm.

As they were loading things into the trailer, my husband walked past this same man that had made a big deal about us closing on time. My husband does a double take, and this man is wearing our Harry Potter plastic glasses. My husband asked if those were our and this man-child said yes, they are mine. My husband stated so you were plastic glasses without lenses. Yes, they are mine. My husband decided that it was not worth the fight but as he was walking away, he turned back, and the table was laughing. (unfortunitly the only picture I have is this man wearing them so I won't post a picture of them)

I was worried about how we were portrayed to the bride and groom and the next day I sent an email.

The amazing bride phoned us an apologized so much the next day. She had no idea about any of these things happening. (And the host does not need to know until the next day) We never got the glasses back but that was when we added prop stuff to our contract:


DAMAGE TO PROVIDER’S EQUIPMENT- we do have insurance in accordance with the City Winnipeg Rental.

Client acknowledges that they shall be responsible for any damage or loss to the Provider’s equipment caused by:

A. Any misuse of the Provider’s equipment by Client or its guests (invited or uninvited)

B. Excessive damage or theft occurs, the client acknowledges responsibility and will make restitution. This included the theft of props. Accidents happen however we have had people intentionally steal props.

C. Client acknowledges provider shall have the right to decline service to client’s guests (invited or

uninvited) for misuse, unruly behavior.


Please Note that any intentional damage or missing props may be charged back to the client. Lately we have had props intentionally stolen. Should this continue, we may have to raise our prices to cover the costs. We understand that people forget they have a prop but there are those who feel the need to walk off with a prop intentionally.


Prop’s For A Specific Event For Our Photo Booth Rental in Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba

We work hard to add props that are suited to our client’s decor, theme etc. We look everywhere for props. Amazon, Party Stuff, on Trips, Party City Antique Shopping, Market Place, and some we even make our own. WE love to make every event unique when we have a Photo Booth Rental Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba.

Some examples of themes we have are: (THESE ARE NOT ALL THE PROPS IN THESE THEMES THAT WE HAVE)

Gatsby, 1920’s


Bowling props look close. These are just a few the bowling props that we have. We have signs, large bowling pins and so much more.  These are available when you rent our photobooth in Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba
Bowling props look close


Super Hero





Harry Potter

A very few of Harry Potter Props, we even have a life size image, a full cape, the owl, scavs, glasses, wands and other props - these are available when you rent our photo booth in Winnieg and Southern Manitoba
A very few of Harry Potter Props

Alice and Wonderland



Canada Day and so much more, these are only a sample of each theme. (will add pictures over time)Photo Booth Rental Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba

When we bring our themed props, we mix them in with our other everyday props unless otherwise specified. We try our hardest to add new props but have a budget we need to keep in mind when buying props. These props are included in the rental price, but we can not always afford to buy a ton of props for each event.

We also bring many signs that are related to the event. Some are expensive hard-core signs that we love as they are so durable. I do print up some fun ones on photo paper, if we feel we are lacking in any areas. And we do have some cheap paper ones that we know are not going to last but are great fillers, until we can find some stronger ones to replace them.

See Story #3 below.

As stated above we try our hardest to purchase themed props that are high end. These are not cheap dollar store props. (a few maybe to fill holes) We like to buy props that will last and that are fun.

When we set-up we use to leave the props uncovered but found that the temptation for guests to grab props is too much and often returned with props missing, broken and our tables being a mess. So now when we set-up (usually earlier in the day) we cover the props and mention to the host to please let their guests know that the props need to stay at the booth area so everyone can use them.

It often harder when there are children present, and things can get out of hand quickly.

See Story 4 below.

We have now added the following to our contract.

Children love our photo booths, and we love making everyone happy. In some cases, however, we may decide to enforce our “children under 12” policy in an effort to maintain order in and around the photo booth. The “children under 12” policy states that Children under the age of 12 will not be permitted to utilize the photo booth without an adult present. The adult does not need to be in the photo with the child/children, but they must be supervising. We very rarely have to enforce this policy but will not hesitate in the event of incident.

Hardest Part about having Props at Events In Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba

We aways provide 2 attendants at our events. One to run the mirror, and another is our prop master. He/she is to help our guests dress up, manage the crowd, clean, and put props back so other can use the props. In the very rare event that there is only one of us, it is so difficult to manage everything. Check out our blog from March 25, 2023, it can get out of hand to easily.

I struggle when props get broken, we do expect some to be broken as we know some are not meant to be used over and over but when you are spending $30-$50 on some props and they get broken it hurts. We had just purchased this really cool Viking mug that is very heavy and made of amazing quality, and a really sturdy metal cane from Spirit Halloween. Both were very got quality and after one event we found both broken laying on the ground.

I think the hardest part is people breaking items and then not saying anything. I have seen people break fans, glasses, and other items in front of us and put them back on the table as if they can be used again. We understand when things get broken unintentionally but just let us know so no one else tries to use them or won’t get hurt if they are pointy.

Its when it’s intentional, use inappropriately or the big one is being thrown because you no longer want them for your picture. We would be happy to do a retake if you want to pass us the prop or hold it for you. I have told a few people I don’t come into your house and throw your items please don’t throw ours. They always apologize and I honestly believe they are just in the moment and do not mean to however it still hurts the bottom line when we have to repair or replace these items.

This is so Common When Using Props In Our Photo Booth In Winnipeg, Southern Manitoba.

I always giggle when people have realized they still have our props on after they are finished. Part of my job is to scan people as they are leaving and remind them, they have the prop still. They re always so apologetic and I know they never ever meant to not take it off. It’s so funny when someone has a head band or silly glasses, and they start walking away. I always tell them that the prop looks so good on them, but they may want to leave it for other to use.

See Story # 5 for a giggle.

The hard ones are the ones that feel they have a right to take our props and wear them all night. The prop master is tasked with scanning the crowd to retrieve the props. It hard as many of these people have been drinking and we have to ask for them to return them. We have some fun and creative ways to get them back so others can use them.

In conclusion even with all this stuff going on…..we absolutely love having so many props! I drive my husband and kids nuts, as I am always seeking out new props and I get so excited when I find that perfect prop. I want to make your event so special that the memories and fun last a very long time.

I will try and add other photos of our themed props over the next few weeks.

If you have suggestions, or items you want to donate, or sell please feel free to contact us. We are al ways looking for instruments (broken ones are good), old suitcases, a brick cell phone, and any other items that would make really fun props for pictures. We even have old bowling shoes and pins we use lol.

A Few More Stories Related To Props …. When We are Rented in Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba

We Have 2 Fez Hats for our photo booth rentals in Winnipgeg and Southern Manitoba
We Have 2 Fez Hats

Story #3

A beautiful couple rented us and wanted the theme to be Dr. Who for a wedding in Winnipeg Manitoba. Unfortunately, I have never watched this show but did as much research as I could. We looked everywhere for props, made the custom overlay and animation, and turned the photo booth into the phone booth. The couple loved it. Again, my husband and Daughter-In-Law were working while I was at another event. One guest was so not happy that we did not have a fez hat. He made it know and was get very vocal about it.

He stated very loudly “What kind of photo booth is this …… Dr. Who and no Fez.” My husband tried to explain that we do the best we can and unfortunately, we can. He explained that we would have to charge so much more if we were going to have every prop from a show and he explained that he had no idea what a Fez hat is.

They got the guy through the photo booth and moved on. As they were loading up, they passed this man and he started getting heated about this Fez hat. My husband walked away as he was getting incredibly aggressive.

We received a very nice email and review from the couple, but this stuck in my mind as I was looking for props. …. We now have a Fez hat for each of our booths, and now Bert knows what one is lol.

Story 4

We were at an absolutely beautiful wedding in Winnipeg Manitoba. We started right after the ceremony was over and shut down during the supper period. After we ate, we had decided to go outside for about 20 minutes. (The food was amazing!!) The MC had announced that we were closed and that props are not to be used until we were open.

As we walked in with 5 minutes till, we reopen the booth we saw a crowd of adults standing around a large group of kids (30 plus). Every single table/standing prop is now in the kid’s hands, on the floor and are being used as if they were real. The adults were watching it all go down.

I asked all the kids to put the props back on the table and that we would not open until we can clean up. We worked hard and fast to get things put away and pulled all the broken props out of the mix.

Once we got everything organized, we started back up and had so much fun with the guests, the kids were wonderful, and we were back to create memories.

Story #5

One event we were winding down and noticed a new pair of glasses on the prop table. My husband asks if I bought some new ones, and we realize that someone left their glasses on the prop table. We look at the guests having fun and notice a gentleman dancing on the dance floor with our prop glasses on. I walked over and explained how handsome he looked in the cat glasses but he maybe able to see better with his glasses. The look on his face was priceless, he 100 percent did not realize he was not wearing his glasses. Everyone dancing with him and himself were laughing so hard as we exchanged the glasses. We get this happens all the time and love the giggles we get.

Story #6

At one Grad even skimming the crowd we could not find a white boa. I felt kind of bad for the person who took it as it was in rough shape and was going to be retired after that night. We had purchased a few new ones to replace them. So, kind of the joke was on them lol

Story #7

As we were walking into an event, we noticed a very wobbly unicorn trying to dance on the floor. After we set-up we asked the guest if we could have it back for the other guests to use, he handed it over. His head was so sweaty and there was a smell coming from the unicorn. I looked inside and decided that this unicorn was being thrown out. He must not have been feeling too well…. Bye bye unicorn #2 now we only have one.

Follow us for more fun adventure.....

1920's photo booth- so much fun!!

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