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Let’s Talk Props for Events When You Have A Photo Booth Rental in Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba

Updated: Apr 25

When we started our business, we both decided we love the idea of giving guests as much choice as possible and how can we make ourselves different than other booths. Of course, the Mirror’s are amazing and interactive, and the Camper Booth is the first one in Manitoba, but I love a great prop!

We decided to be known as the photo booth that has so many props for your guests to choose from. You can request no props as well. Aside from getting comments about how incredible the mirrors are, the next highest comment is how much they love the assortment of props. We love it. I will be honest there are days I envy other bothers who only put out a few props (alot are going with no props) , as set-up and take down would be so much easier, but when I see how much fun everyone has picking the perfect look for their pictures, I know its so worth it.


You may or may not get these props as each set-up os done differently. You will get a ton of props and the props we feel fit your crowd.

I have written a few stories for reference below. Some stories are in this blog, and some are referenced and put at the end of the blog just in case you want to skip those parts. They are to explain why we have so many rules and some experiences we have had.

There are a lot of draw backs on our side with having so many props, but we always manage to work through it. Unfortunately, we had to add stuff to our contract after the first year of business.

Why My Contract Mentions Props When You have Photo Booth Rental Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba

Story Time #1
I was working with a staff member at an event in Southern Manitoba, and it was going so well! We were having fun with the guests and as people started leaving a lady came up to me and told me someone just left with your wrestling belt. I quickly run out ask for the belt back and this man looked me directly in the eye and said he didn’t have it. As I looked at him, I noticed a bulge under his shirt- he had it on under his shirt…. And was becoming verbally abusive to me. I decided there was nothing I could do aside from lift his shirt however I felt he would have become worse if I did.
The missing wrestling bely prop from a rental in Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba
This Belt has seen alot lol

As I went back to the booth feeling so frustrated, my staff tried. She got on the bus that the guests were on and asked for the belt back again. He told her he did not have it. She too could see the belt under his shirt, but he was not giving in. She too came back defeated.
I decided to pull up the photo of this man and printed it off. The bride and groom came and thanked us and I explained the situation. Turns out that the guest was the plus one of another guest, and they were from Ontario. She told me to leave it with her after I explained that I would have to charge her for the missing prop as it was taken on purpose.
Two weeks later a box arrived in the mail. Inside was the belt, no letter nothing not even a sorry but we got our belt back.


Story Time #2

My husband and Daughter-In-Law were scheduled to work and event at 8pm also in Southern Manitoba. We had set-up the booth and put up an animation that stated the booth is closed please wait for the attendant. At about 6pm I get a call from a bridesmaid saying why is the booth not running, I have tried everything, including unplugging the booth and we can not get it to work. I could not breath, you what? Apparently, she thought she knew how to run a $12000.00 machine and we all just unplug our computers rather than shut them down. I explained that we are not contracted to start until 8pm and I am unsure now if we will be able to start at 8pm as this was the first time our Mirror X had been out, and my Daughter-In-Law had yet to help set-up.

Thankfully they arrived and I walked them through the set-up. The night continued on and they went to shut down. It was already after the paid time. This man decided to make a stink and said to my husband this is the bride’s dad and he paid you so you have to take our picture. My husband and Daughter-in-law decided to do it but explained that we were only paid until 10pm.

As they were loading things into the trailer, my husband walked past this same man that had made a big deal about us closing on time. My husband does a double take, and this man is wearing our Harry Potter plastic glasses. My husband asked if those were our and this man-child said yes, they are mine. My husband stated so you were plastic glasses without lenses. Yes, they are mine. My husband decided that it was not worth the fight but as he was walking away, he turned back, and the table was laughing. (unfortunitly the only picture I have is this man wearing them so I won't post a picture of them)

I was worried about how we were portrayed to the bride and groom and the next day I sent an email.

The amazing bride phoned us an apologized so much the next day. She had no idea about any of these things happening. (And the host does not need to know until the next day) We never got the glasses back but that was when we added prop stuff to our contract:


DAMAGE TO PROVIDER’S EQUIPMENT- we do have insurance in accordance with the City Winnipeg Rental.

Client acknowledges that they shall be responsible for any damage or loss to the Provider’s equipment caused by:

A. Any misuse of the Provider’s equipment by Client or its guests (invited or uninvited)