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Mirror X Photo Booth


The Mirror X is a sleek open air photo booth that stands 6 feet tall. This amazing booth and it's spectacular on-screen visual presentation attracts everyone in attendance at your event.
We are currently the only company in Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba to offer the MIRROR X photo booth rental.

A photo booth rental with a 'Madox's Warriors Dance Party 2022' display. The photo booth rental is in an empty gym with tables and chairs in the background. Fundraising event photo booth rental St. Norbert Manitoba

What is Mirror X?

We are proudly the first company to offer clients the Mirror X photo booth for events throughout Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba!


This amazing interactive, next generation photo booth attracts a large audience at events. With its breathtaking 6-foot-tall, all mirror design, the Mirror X Booth truly stands out in the crowd.


This modern mirror photo booth combines prominence and practicality with its sleek aluminum build. The high-quality Mirror X offers a user- friendly photo session that communicates with your guests through a touch screen of colourful animations and entertaining voice guidance.


Our creative photo booth attendants will be on hand during your event to help your guests navigate our huge selection of high-end props and to help walk them through every step of the Mirror X experience. Assisting your guests in where to look, what to expect and how to draw, print, text or email their final photo.

Photo Booth Customizations

We customize the whole Mirror X photo booth session to your event. This can include branding our booth, custom props, custom back drop, custom overlay (frame around the photo) and animations.


We take your invitation, décor, theme, logo and/or picture and create high-quality animations, overlays and custom pieces. We are in contact with you every step of the way, starting with a mock-up and editing the mock-up until you feel they will compliment your event theme.

Mirror X Photo Booth Rental in a room full of people sitting on white chairs. Bowling entertainment at awards ceremony at Canad Inns Winnipeg Manitoba
Mirror X Photo Booth Rental in a room full of people sitting on white chairs. Bowling entertainment at awards ceremony at Canad Inns Winnipeg Manitoba

You can choose to include photo signing, emoji stamping, virtual props, interactive contests, social games, photo filters, green screen (coming soon augmented reality) and so much more.


With our text/email sharing option, you and your guests can continue to enjoy your photos for years to come. Digital versions of your photos also makes it easy to share them on all your social media accounts!


For business events, this also provides a unique way to spread the word about your company, products or new venture, because each picture we share from our booth can also link to your product/business, helping to grow your social media presence and making you known to a large audience.

Photo Booth Props

We offer one of the largest, high-end prop selections for you and your guests in Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba. We are constantly sourcing out new props to match a theme, décor, or event.

Our goal is to always have a vast selection of high-end hand held props, signs, hats, headbands, and wearable props for every booking. Don't want a large selection of props? No problem! We can remove any props you don't need.

Want specific props at your event? Let us know and we will make it happen. Prefer virtual props that can be added once the picture is taken? We can create stamps that your guest can add directly to the photo for an interactive experience.

We can also create stamps that your guest can add directly to their photo!

AJs Mystic Mirror attendants do their very best to sanitize all the props during  events. However, this can sometimes be a challenge. Rest assured though that we do sanitize, heat treat, and spray down all our props in-between events.

Photo booth props: funky sunglasses, costume jewerly, signs, etc. Included free with your photobooth rental in Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba. We have the most props in Manitoba

Sight Maps + Seating Charts

A popular option for many of our Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba clients is the sight map or seating chart option. This can be added to our Mirror X at the beginning of your event and afterwards we will move the Mirror X to the photo booth location to continue the fun.

We can make the sight map/seating chart either static, animated or an interactive experience for your guests.

Photo Booth Backdrops

We are always updating our selection of backdrops but continue to provide popular options such as gold, silver, black, white, pink, barnwood, white rose print, back and white damask, purple-gold and white curtain, Christmas, Halloween themed and more.


If you are looking for a specific backdrop, please let us know or we can suggest what would look best with your overlay and animations.


We do offer customized backdrops as an add-on.

These can include, a step and repeat, personalized backdrops with logos, names or pictures on them.


The backdrops that we have on hand are included in our prices.

Mirror X photo booth rental in a  room full of props at the Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg, Manitoba
A custom photo booth rental picture overlay. It has a white background, green vines, and two pictures of a wedding party. There is text on the left hand side with the couples name and wedding date. Included in your rental of our photo booth in Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba.

We can also create multiple photo overlays for your guests to choose from, including magazine covers, 1, 2, 3, 4 pictures taken in a session, no overlay, various filter choices, black and white photos, various green screen choices, photo strips, and possibly any option you dream up!

We also offer photo size choices:  4x6, 5x7, 6x8 or photo strip (4x6 or strip are included in our pricing).

When requesting a quote please let us know if you are interested in any of the above options or sizes, a few are included in the pricing and others are separate to the packages or offered as add-ons.

Photo Booth Overlays

What is included FREE in our package:
  • 2 professional, fun attendants.

  • Superior fun props.

  • A USB with all event pictures saved to it at the end of the night.

  • E-mail sharing of each photo.

  • Text sharing.

  • Customized animated start screen and/or customized animations throughout.

  • Customized photo layout (one, two, three, four pictures per layout or photo strip 4x6).

  • Customized photo album with all pictures (depending on the event).

  • Backdrop (various colours or themes we have on hand) or open air.

  • Physical prints of the pictures for each person in the photo to take home on glossy card stock - Within 8 seconds of the photo being taken!

  • Various animated compliments throughout the workflow.

  • Ability for guests to add signature, emojis, drawings and virtual props.

  • Addition of tic-tax-toe game, connect 4, pong or a customized slot machine to the workflow.

  • Preview of photos/ retake option.

  • Depending on availability, your choice between the Mirror Me with frame and LED lighting or the Mirror X (only one in Manitoba) or the 1965 Camper Mirror Photo Booth (only one in Manitoba).

Photo Booth Add-Ons:

  • Customized backdrop

  • Branding of photo booth, camper

  • Sight map / seating chart

  • Pre-photo booth games

  • Customized props

  • Green screen

  • Additional choices of overlays for the guests

  • 5x7 or 6x8 prints

  • Photo folders

  • Survey option

  • Data collection

  • Customized set design

  • Magnet option

  • Additional gifts with photos (key chain, photo pillows, mugs, t-shirts, ornaments, promotional items and so much more)

  • Photo books

*If you are looking for something unique or not on our list, contact us!

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