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Why Pick Us to Entertain Your Guests in Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba?

I was thinking what should i write in my blog? I started thinking what questions would I have when looking for entertainment for an event I was putting on. Over the next few weeks I will be writing my blog based on these questions. To start with I would look at what each booth offers. Although I can not speak directly about other photo booths I have been to events where other photo booths have been at and have spoken to many people who have booked us over another booth.

There are a large amount of photo booth rental services which claim to be number one and the highest quality, but how can you truly tell if you’re getting the best? Having done over 1000 successful events in so far, we at AJs Mystic Mirror Photo Booth continue to bring our high quality professional service day-in and day-out and that's how we’ve built our successful reputation. When renting a photo booth these are the top 10 things you will want to consider:

1) Reviews. It goes without saying that choosing a photo booth company with a high review rating and reputation is key! Going with a company that’s backed up by amazing reviews will give you reassurance that you’re getting the best in the business. So, check out what customers had to say online. Our review are all under our Google page:


7 months ago Excellent communication! Very friendly customer service! Highly recommend this business. So much fun. The USB and photo album is a wonderful keepsake.❤️

Thank you again Sue we loved creating memories at your daughter's wedding!


2) Photo Booth Style. Do you see a picture of their photo booth on their website? Do you know what you are getting? Are you wanting a traditional photo booth or an interactive photo booth? Many photo booths are your typical square photo booths. We however offer our beautiful Mirrors. The Mirror Me and Mirror X are both Foto Master booths. They are the highest quality booths on the market. ( ) Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they are also interactive. Allowing you and your guests to create memories that will last a life time. Check out what we offer.

3) Camera. Do you know what kind of camera they are using or just a Ipad? As a rule-of-thumb, quality always trumps all. Look for a photo booth that comes equipped with a professional camera that takes high-definition shots. Aside from the camera, ensure that prints are lab-quality. With lower quality prints, you run the risk of smudging, gradual fading, or lack of clarity. Ipads can take beautiful pictures but we love using the DSSLR camera. We use a DSLR Camera along with strobe lighting to produce the best quality print like no others. Our photos are printed on the same quality printer that print shops use.

4) Printer & Paper. What is the quality of paper and ink do they use? How fast does the photos come out? Do they print 2x6, 4x6, 5x7, or even 6x8 photos? We use a dye sub printer that prints in 8 seconds. These images are sure to withstand the test of time. We can do all sizes on our printer. The most popular size is the 4x6 with 3 portrait pictures. They print fast, you dont have to squint to see the pictures and it allows your guests to become crative with every shot.

5) Props: Do you want props? What kind of props do you get? Are thry paper and dollar store props or high end? Are they included in the price? Do they have themed props? We offer very highend props, from hats, hand held, signs, boas, glasses, masks, and so much more. We have our generic props that we always provide but we also do everythin g we can to provide customized props. We have a huge range of themed props, (1920's, golf, curling, bowling, birthday, Harry Potter, 1950's, .... ) All our props are included in the one price, there is no add-on charges.

6) Availability. Is there more than one booth available for rental? Are they able to travel? What do they charge for travel? When do they do set-up and take down? Currently, we have 2 Photo Booths that we have rented out for many events.We travel all over Southern Manitoba and love doing events both ruraly and in Winnipeg. We charge a small mileage fee of $35.00 to Winnipeg and depending on location a small mileage charge throughout the rest of Manitoba. For set-up we love setting up in the morning and then returning a half hour before the rental is to start to do the final set-up. We perfer doing it this way so we are not in you or your guest's way and we are not a distraction to anyone. For the most part we take everything down when pur rental is over but can also work around both your and the venue's schedule.

7) What Happens After The Event? What happens to all of those great pictures and videos after your event is over? This information is important to know as you may want a copy of everything afterwards and you need to know if you get access to them! Before we leave at the end of the event we will provide you with a USB with all the pictures on them. We also provide a customized photo album with a copy of each picture in it. (birthdays, weddings, etc) We do not post any pictures taken at the event online unless the person in the picture (or parent) has agreed to it. We feel if you or your guests want to post them, you will. No pictures of children are ever posted unless the parent has spoken to us directly and have given permission.

8) Cost. Cheaper does not always mean better. We’ve all been through it - We’ve bought that cheap deal and were excited about it until we found that the quality is subpar. Sometimes more expensive means investing in the best. You get what you pay for, afterall! We do try to offer a highend expereince for a low price. In doing research we actually find that we are one of the lower priced booths for what we offer. Check and see whats included. We do not offer packages right now as we want to make the experience one that you and your guests will remember. We only charge the one rental fee for everything, a small mileage charge and because we are a registered buisness (pay for WCB, Insurance on the booth, taxes, employees wages (EIA and CPP) ) we charge GST and PST. We have learned that other booths may not charge taxes, but that may mean they are not a registered buisness, do not have the correct insurance and maybe doing it under the table. We chose to run our business as a business with contracts, insurance and paying taxes to remain up open and upfront.

9) Packages. What’s included and what’s extra? At AJs Mystic Mirror Photo Booth , we can customize a package to suit your needs, however we offer one price that covers everything with the exception of an add-on of our beautiful customized animated seating chart and the customized items that are branded. (ones that are very specific to you) Our one package includes customized overlay, customized animation, 2 fun professional attendants, all our highend props (as well as any themed props) a choice of backdrops (we have a grwong number of backdrops), a picture for every person in the photo, a free USB with all pictures, A customized wooden photo album with all pictures, and so much more.

A few of our NEW backdrops:

10)Instant social media sharing technology: There’s power in photo marketing, and renting a photo booth is one of the easiest ways to leverage it. What’s the point in branding photos with your logo if they can’t be shared organically on social media? Social Media is important to your event, whether it is a corporate or social one, so opt for a photo booth rental that allows your guests to instantly share their pictures online. Our booth not only prints a hard copy for your guests we also offer text or email sharing. For the most part our clients find text sharing is the way to go. Everyone has a cell phone and adding an email can take some time. This also allows your guest to instantly share the photo all over social media.

11)Customization and branding: If you are looking for the best photo booth rental for your annual corporate event, don’t settle for just any type of photo boorh. One of the prime advantages of digital photo booths is that virtually everything can be customized, immersing attendees in well-rounded experiences involving your brand.

This often comprises of logo placement on pictures, but it shouldn’t stop there. Ask about custom covers for the booth itself to showcase your brand’s look and feel, as well as other ways to customize the props and backdrop. We are able to send messages to the guests when they text the phone to themself with your branding and we can also collect your guests information for you to allow you to remain in contact with the guest. Check out our animations and overlays

12)Interactive elements and entertaining features: When renting a photo booth, remember that its main purpose is to entertain your guests. Look for a photo booth that’s interactive and playful. Physical props are a must, but digital props, green screen backgrounds, and drawing tools let your guest have more fun by allowing them personalize their photos.

Consider a GIF booth as well for an extra dose of entertainment. Most companies have separate kiosks for GIFs and photos, in which case you may have to choose between the two. However, our kiosk takes photos or gets your guests moving with our ainmated GIF feature! We encourage your guests to write a note, draw a picture, add an emoji, or a digital prop.

13)Consultation and customer-service: One of the most important factors you should consider when renting a photo booth is the quality of customer service that comes with it. Think about what your preferences are in terms of a stand-alone photo booth, or one that comes with an attendant.

There are many great advantages to having an attendant present at your event. For one, if any technical difficulties arise, the attendant is there to resolve them with no extra stress for you. Attendants are also great facilitators, and help keep lines moving—keeping everyone happy. We almost always provide 2 attendants. One to help run the booth and one to help with prop selection and cleaning and returning the props for your guests. We Love what we do!! About us

Whether you’re renting a photo booth for photo marketing purposes, or simply for a custom experience for a social event, look for a vendor who will consult with you and provide guidance. After all, they are the experts!


TIP: Look for a photo booth rental that compliments your event, instead of being in the way. Look for a photo booth that’s sleek and fits your event.


Remember, before renting a photo booth, look at all your requirements, and do your research! At AJs Mystic Mirror Photo Booth, we offer custom solutions to make each event unique and special. Whether you’re a bride in search of a wedding photo booth, or a event planner looking to take advantage of photo marketing, give us a call or text us at 204-918-3266!

I hope this helps with your planning! Next week we will answer the question: "Why Does it Cost So Much to Rent a Photo Booth" I will try and break down what the cost is to us.... you may be surprised, lol I may be too.


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