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Custom Photo Booth Animations


We start each photo booth session with a custom animation that we create from our client's photos, event invitation, logo and their unique design inspiration.

Servicing Winnipeg and communities throughout southern Manitoba.

What are Custom

Included in every booking is the creation of a high-quality custom animation.


We will request a picture, logo, theme of the event, the invitation, and decor ideas. Once we receive these assets, the fun starts! Our Design Team will create your custom animation that will play at the start of each photo booth session. We will send you a mock-up for approval and adjust it to your liking. Then each of your guests who comes through the photo booth will be amazed when they see a picture of you and your partner, company logo, product, or the guest of honour animated on the big screen. The custom animation really sets the tone for your guests photo booth experience.

The first photo booth we introduced to Winnipeg and communities throughout Southern Manitoba was the Mirror Me. This amazing interactive, next generation photo booth attracts a large audience at events, with its LED lights and customized animations.


The high-quality Mirror Me offers a user friendly photo session that communicates with your guests through a touch screen of colourful animations and entertaining voice guidance. Our creative photo booth attendants will be on hand to walk your guests through the whole experience, from choosing from our vast selection of high-end props to assisting in where to look, what to expect and how to draw, print, text or email  photos.

Take a look!

Throughout the workflow or photo booth session, you will see various animations, from the photo countdown to compliments and directions for using the photo booth.


Our goal is to match the animations to the theme of your event. For example, if you are having a bowling wind-up, we will use compliments, countdowns, and directions with a bowling theme.

Special Animations

If you want to add special animations throughout the photo booth session, there is an additional charge for each animation.


Our Design Team will do their best to create a cohesive workflow and, mostly, will not require any information from you unless you are requesting additional customized animations.

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