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March 25, 2023 Stars Cup- East End Arena Winnipeg Manitoba Not All Events Go Smoothly...

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

We have been slow with events since our major Christmas rush, so today we felt a bit like newbies lol. We decided that not only will we be doing the weekly blog but also a blog from our events.

We are excited that we are back again creating memories for the Stars hockey players. It's been since 2019 that we have been able to be back.

It's funny, all the customizing and packing for this event had us wondering if we forgot anything as it all came together smoothly. I always get this sense on anxiety on the drive to the event and today was no different. Running through the packing list on my head, along with planning for any what if scenarios. You would think after all the hundreds of events we have done I would be over these feelings. Unfortunately, I may never be as I strive so hard to make each event unique to the client.

For this event my amazing graphic artist, Corey, created an amazing custom overlay and animation. The cherry on top is the unique hockey animations he created to go with the event.

I had made a few custom signs, and purchased a few purple and yellow/gold props for the players to use, along with the inflatable hockey stick. (these pictures are from 2019 as we totally forgot to take pictures this time)

Unfortunately, our Stanley cup has not made it, after many events we could no longer repair it and are on the hunt for a new one.

And then it Happened.....ugh, I Knew Everything Was Going To Good

We only needed to print a sample and we were ready to go..... then my printer would not work... after frantically trying different cords we noticed a broken piece that we could not repair.... panic sets in ... finally we made a decision, Bert decided to run home (from East End Arena to Sanford - 50 km one way) event starts in 15 minutes. I have to explain to the amazing parents/ coordinators that we will not be able to print pictures until after the event- but the pictures will be sent via text to everyone who enters thier number in. Crisis sort of adverted. They were so incredibly understanding. Thank you so much! Thier response helped calm me down and helped me to move forward.

Help Arrived

Now I am by myself with no one to help with props or to manage the crowd. I could of cried when 4 amazing teenagers stepped in to help. I never got a chance to thank them at the end of the event. If anyone reading this knows these 3 girls and a boy, please tell them how much it meant to us that we had this help!!

As Ready As I Can Be

At 12:50, the line up started - this line turned into a huge crowd of kids, props and craziness- it was all out of control - I did my best to stop some of the kids from using the props as real weapons and throwing them. At one point I looked back to the crowd and all the hat props were gone, the table was empty and in-between a few of the kids feet I saw props being trampled on. I took a very deep breath and told myself you can only do what you can do.

At one point I heard the DJ, who was doing an amazing job with the music (next event I will make sure to get the music mans name- so sorry I didn't- Please comment with his name if you know who it was) announce that all props should remain in the Photo Booth area. Ugh. Another deep breath.

Every person and parent that came through I explained about the situation with the printer. I know a few were not happy about not getting the prints right away. I felt bad but decided, it is what it is and the kids are having a blast. So I am going to have fun with them.

Bert to The Rescue

About an hour in, I felt a tap on my shoulder, Bert was back and ready to try and organize everything. I could of cried out of releif. Unfortunately there was no time to hook up the printer and we continued as is for the rest of the event.

For the most part everyone was so kind and understanding of the situation- a few were angry about how long it was taking for the line to move. Someone asked why and Bert laughed and said "because it's kids" lol. Everything took so much longer, almost thankful the printer was not working as that would have slowed us down more.

One little girl was sad that she didn't get to write her name and it tugged at my heart. There is a timer to how long you have to sign the screen, otherwise the 3 minutes would turn into 5.

Aside from the comments on how long it takes and parents being worried they would not get the hard copies, I truly believe everyone had fun. I know I did, they were so incredibly creative and fun!! Wish I could share their pictures- if anyone from the event is reading this and would like to share the amaxing pictures please do.

3:00pm turned into 3:20 end time

At 250 we still had a long line and had to start turning anyone new away, unfortunately. As everyone packed up we were still taking pictures with the last one being at 320. We are suckers when it comes to kids and with all the chaos before we felt that this time we will stay after to take the last pictures.

By 4 pm all the pictures were printed and we were loading up. One lady went out of her way to thank us and to comment on how much the kids loved it. The timing on ths coment was amazing! I so needed to hear this. Thank you to that lady if she is reading this, I think she told me the team was from Kenora.

The Venue: East End Arena Winnipeg Manitoba

The Venue was of course perfect for a hcokey event. I grew up going to that rink (over 30 years ago) abd my kids have played there but wow has it changed! Love that they have an elevator and the fact that they have rooms off the rink for events like this pizza party, incredible.

I have to say the staff at East End Arens is so incredible. Super friendly and went out of their way to help us. Thank you!! I am so sorry I did not get the two girls names but they were amazing!


As we closed the trailer to the end of this event I am so happy that we managed to create memories for all these beautiful hockey players!! I may have lost my voice and have a ton of props to fix, but it was so worth it to see how excited the kids were!

Moral To The Story

We will never again be without a back up printer - time to make a very large purchase, just happy to say we made it!!


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