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Saturday, April 8,'23, Alvin’s 80th Birthday, Four Crowns Restaurant, Winnipeg Manitoba Photo Booth

A bit late posting this blog but being Easter, we were very busy with orders and with family and friends both before and after this event.

We hope you had a Happy Easter!

Preparing for a Winnipeg Manitoba Photo Booth Rental Event At Four Crowns Restaurant

As usual we did all our prep work the week before. After sending out our “final” email with information on set-up and confirming what we require, I started creating the workflow for the evening.

They had approved the overlay and animation the week before. Our graphic artist, Cory did an amazing job and kept is classy and elegant. The client sent over a picture of a picture and normally we try to stay away from those, as the quality is not always the best, but Cory managed

to create a very special animation for them.

Overlay for Alvin's 80th Birthday photo booth rental Winnipeg, Manitoba
Overlay for Alvin's 80th Birthday

For the workflow we went with the classic gold and black animations. This includes compliments, countdown, and various other animations through the guest’s experience.

After creating the workflow, I created the custom photo album, again I forgot to take a picture of it, so this is the design I used to engrave on the cover. I stained, clear coated and added the pages. I wanted to engrave the picture of Alvin on the inside cover, however the picture was not clear enough o pick up the lines very well.

I put together the bag with the USB, photo album and a little photo booth treat for Alvin and then added this bag to the supplies we bring with us.

I pulled out our birthday props and went through all our regular props, cleaning them and making repairs to those that needed it. I felt we were a little light on the 80th birthday theme and made plans to quickly run into Party Stuff on Saturday morning before we leave for set-up.

Before Setting Up in Winnipeg Manitoba Photo Booth Rental at Four Crowns Restaurant

On Friday we packed everything up in our cart and went through he check-list of what needed to be packed. This included the backdrop the client chose.

Black and Gold Gtabsy StyleBackdrop for Photo Booth Rental Manitoba
Backdrop for Photo Booth Rental Manitoba

At 930 we were asked to start an hour earlier, (in our contract it states the time can be changed up to a week before) and being as we were going to set-up at 4:00 always and we were planning on staying until we start, it was not an issue.

Quickly I ran into the city to Party Stuff, and purchased a few more birthday props.

Sadly, the only item I could find that had 80 on it was a pink and white headband. I purchased it just in case but was disappointed that they did not have any black ones.