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Saturday, April 8,'23, Alvin’s 80th Birthday, Four Crowns Restaurant, Winnipeg Manitoba Photo Booth

A bit late posting this blog but being Easter, we were very busy with orders and with family and friends both before and after this event.

We hope you had a Happy Easter!

Preparing for a Winnipeg Manitoba Photo Booth Rental Event At Four Crowns Restaurant

As usual we did all our prep work the week before. After sending out our “final” email with information on set-up and confirming what we require, I started creating the workflow for the evening.

They had approved the overlay and animation the week before. Our graphic artist, Cory did an amazing job and kept is classy and elegant. The client sent over a picture of a picture and normally we try to stay away from those, as the quality is not always the best, but Cory managed

to create a very special animation for them.

Overlay for Alvin's 80th Birthday photo booth rental Winnipeg, Manitoba
Overlay for Alvin's 80th Birthday

For the workflow we went with the classic gold and black animations. This includes compliments, countdown, and various other animations through the guest’s experience.

After creating the workflow, I created the custom photo album, again I forgot to take a picture of it, so this is the design I used to engrave on the cover. I stained, clear coated and added the pages. I wanted to engrave the picture of Alvin on the inside cover, however the picture was not clear enough o pick up the lines very well.

I put together the bag with the USB, photo album and a little photo booth treat for Alvin and then added this bag to the supplies we bring with us.

I pulled out our birthday props and went through all our regular props, cleaning them and making repairs to those that needed it. I felt we were a little light on the 80th birthday theme and made plans to quickly run into Party Stuff on Saturday morning before we leave for set-up.

Before Setting Up in Winnipeg Manitoba Photo Booth Rental at Four Crowns Restaurant

On Friday we packed everything up in our cart and went through he check-list of what needed to be packed. This included the backdrop the client chose.

Black and Gold Gtabsy StyleBackdrop for Photo Booth Rental Manitoba
Backdrop for Photo Booth Rental Manitoba

At 930 we were asked to start an hour earlier, (in our contract it states the time can be changed up to a week before) and being as we were going to set-up at 4:00 always and we were planning on staying until we start, it was not an issue.

Quickly I ran into the city to Party Stuff, and purchased a few more birthday props.

Sadly, the only item I could find that had 80 on it was a pink and white headband. I purchased it just in case but was disappointed that they did not have any black ones.

80 birthday prop photo booth rental winnipeg
80 birthday prop photo booth rental winnipeg

80 birthday prop photo booth rental winnipeg
80 birthday prop photo booth rental winnipeg

Setting Up Winnipeg Manitoba Photo Booth Rental at Four Crowns Restaurant

I found out that all the guests were arriving at 4 and really felt bad with us setting up well there are guests arriving, so we chose to arrive an hour earlier just in case we could set-up a bit earlier. We were super excited to find out that it was not an issue to start setting up.

I have to say that Four Crowns Restaurant is one of the most amazing venues we have worked at. From the time we arrived to leaving we were incredibly impressed with the staff. The manager was very hands on and accommodating to make our set-up work. He even told us a story about the mark on the floor being where they did a burnout with the motorcycle. He assisted us in moving some tables and did so with a smile.

The wait staff was absolutely the most friendly, happy, welcoming, and helpful staff that we have ever experienced. Watching them approach each table, even with the restaurant being full they took their time and were engaging, and you got the sense that they knew each person they were talking to.

The décor was warm and welcoming, like walking into your friend’s home.

We happily had almost everything set-up before the guest’s started arriving. We worked as fast as we could as we were in a very tight space and didn’t want to inconvenience anyone.

The kids anxiously studied the props and were very respectful when we explained we would be open at 6:00 and they could put on all the props at that time. They excitedly came up every 15 minutes asking what time.

AT about 430-500 we decided to try our luck on the VLTs and had our amazing supper. The food at Four Crown’s was amazing and large portions. Again, forgot to take pictures but it was delicious.

By 530 we had lost enough money to give up on the VLTs and took a bit of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather. At about 540 the mother of our client asked if we could start right away rather than wait until 6pm. I had to do our one final run through and had the booth open within 2 minutes. We agreed to now working from 545 to 745.

From that moment on we stayed busy the whole night. The guests were extremely fun to work with! The kids ay the event had many pictures taken and each time were so creative in their choices of props. They were extremely respectful and probably could have run the booth by the end of the night.

At 730 we shut down anyone joining the line and had just enough people in line to finish at 745. Guess what…. Like always people snuck in and kept asking for just one more. We turned away most people but agreed to do to more sets of family pictures. This is always my struggle as no one likes to work without being paid and if I turn away one and let another group go it never seems unfair. As well we both feel bad when we have to tell people we are finished but we would work hours afterward if we continued to do that.

A few years ago, we had to become firm in our end times.


One event years ago we were scheduled for 4 hours at an event. The line was atleast 60 people deep all night and about 20 minutes before we close, we shutdown anyone else joining the line. At our scheduled shutdown time which was 12:00am, at 1155pm we were doing our last pictures. A few people approached and asked to have their picture taken and we explained that we were closed.
A group of 2 couples came up and moved the stanchion it get in line. We explained that we were closed at 1200. A gentleman in the group stated it was only 1155. We tried to explain that we had to finish off the last picture and they got really load and in my husband’s face. I tried to diffuse the situation and explained we already turned down other people and that it would not be fair. The two men in the group kept arguing, stating that we would never work for this company again and even called us a few names. I told them to be ready to go and we got them set-up. The pictures turned out horrible and they looked incredibly angry in the pictures. When I stated that there are 2 more the 2 guys were very impatient and honestly, I could not figure out why they even wanted the pictures at that point. After the pictures were taken, they walked away without texting it or getting the print. So strange, we did pass the pictures along to them but were very shaken by this experience. They were right in our faces and very threatening. Funny thing is we were asked back for every event after that (3) with that company.
And that was why we started to be firm in closing at the right time. Besides who likes to work for free? Lol

Everything Great Comes To An End Winnipeg Manitoba Photo Booth Rental at Four Crowns Restaurant

The evening was absolutely amazing, and I spoke to Alvin afterward. He was so incredibly happy and surprised by the party. He was happy he had pictures taken with his family.

Packing up was a breeze and we were packed up within and hour.

If you are looking for fun entertainment contact us. We are your Next Generation Photo booth both in Southern Manitoba and in Winnipeg, Manitoba Photo Booth Rental.

Again, I can not say enough about the staff at Four Crowns! If you know someone who works there, please let them know, Thank you for all your help!!!! WE can not wait to return with some friends for a wonderful evening of drinks, food and some VLT.

Thank you, Justyce, Alvin and your amazing family for making our night so much fun and for having us out. You are all very luck to be surrounded by such amazing people and your kids were some of the most well behaved, polite, and friendly kids we have worked with.

Happy Birthday Alvin!!

Happy Birthday from Winnipeg Manitoba Photo Rental
Happy Birthday from Winnipeg Manitoba Photo

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