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How We Customize A Photo Booth In Winnipeg Manitoba

Sometimes I forget that people don’t know what I know. Today I will explain what customizing means when you rent one of our Mirror Photo Booths. I will include photos to help with explain. As always, any questions you have, please feel free to contact us.

Definitions Of Overlay, Animation, Seating Charts on the Mirrors

Photo Layout Photo Booth , Photo Layout Photo Booth
Photo Layout Photo Booth

The overlay is the frame around the pictures. We normally do three photos, portrait view. They are normally 4”X7” but we can do strips 2”x6”, and 5”x8”, 6”X9” (there is a small charge for the larger prints) We can do 1,2,3,4,5 pictures per overlay. Portrait is preferred as when people come up to the mirror that is what they are expecting from a full-length mirror but can do horizontal.

We can do black and white, normal colour, green screen (for a charge). We can create a few different overlays for your guests to choose which overlay they would like as well, by swiping the mirror.


The animation is what plays at the start of the photo booth session. This animation plays when the booth is closed as well. We take the photo or logo you send and take elements from the overlay and create an animation that plays when guests step up to the booth.


The seating chart is created from the overlay and animation. The seating chart is an animation which consists of one or two pages (depending on the number of guests.) The guests are either listed by table number with name or alphabetically. We ask that all names and tables are typed on a document that we can copy and paste and that we receive this list a week before the event. We will send a mock-up for you to go over and check the spelling etc. 3 days before the event we ask to have the final list (no further changes can be made after this). We again send a mock-up and have you go over everything, including spelling and then once it is approved it is loaded to the mirror. The guest steps up to the animated seating chart and finds their name with table number. If there is more than one page, they tap the screen, and the page will change. This plays until an attendant arrives to move the mirror into the photo booth area. (About an hour / half hour before the photo booth is to start- while people are eating)


Starting the Customizing

Customizing starts right from the beginning. How to customize a phoot booth in Winnipeg Manitoba ?

When we send out the contract, we ask for information from you we ask a few very important questions and have you send back some information.

Of course, we require what the event will be. Is it a wedding, birthday, grad, ….?

For our example I will use a wedding. Madisyn and Davie who were getting married on July 16, 2022. They were having an outdoor wedding and requested the Camper Photo Booth. We sent them a contract and asked them the following:

Line 1:

Line 2:

We will also add a hashtag to the overlay and animation:

We can modify the layout if you wish to include graphics, logos, more text, etc. If you have any other input on your photo layout, please tell us what you would like.

Madisyn and Davie decided the following:

Line 1: Madisyn & Davie

Line 2: July 16, 2022

We will also add a hashtag to the overlay and animation: No Hashtag

Further down the contract we ask for:

☐ Theme of your event – Wedding (eg. Rustic …)

☐ picture of the couple – (high quality picture emailed- preferably taken with a good camera as you will get a pixilated photo on the large mirror)

☐ Colors/ decor ideas etc. – pictures are helpful.

☐ copy of the invitation

Madisyn and Davie sent the following pictures:

They also explained that they were going with a rustic event. The share pictures of various décor ideas, colours and what their center pieces would be (pineapples where a focal point) Some additional information that she included was:

"Colors are rose gold. You can add our names mine would be Madisyn and his would-be Davie. We are actually not really having flowers but pineapples as centre pieces. So, if you wanted to add a pretty pineapple that would be fun. I can try and look for some pretty pineapple photos for you. "

Behind The Scenes Customizing

From this point you may not hear from us but we are busy in the background taking all the information you sent and looking for props that may compliment your event, creating the sandwich board for the Camper photo booth, and sending all the information off to our amazing graphic artist, Cory from @

Sandwich board Camper Photo Booth , Winnipeg Photo booth, Manitoba Photo Booth
Sandwich board Camper Photo Booth

With each event we try our best to make them each unique. We add props, decorate to the event, find a backdrop that suits your overlay, and create a custom overlay and animation.

Two Weeks Before Your Event

About 2 weeks before your event, we will send you a mock-up of the overlay and animation. At this time, you need to look over every detail to make sure it fits your theme, and ALL spelling is correct.


Last year we went through this process with another couple. They made about 4 different changes to the overlay we created and then approved both the overlay and animation. We then have Cory send us the formatted overlay and animation with the expectation that everything has been looked over carefully. Often, we have a few different events on the go and leave it up to the client to check the spelling/date to make sure it is correct.

We set everything up the morning of the event and my staff went to work the event as we were working another event. About 10 minutes into the event, we receive a call from our staff stating that people are telling them the groom’s name is spelled wrong. At this point we are unable to do anything to correct this. At that time, we had written in our contract “Once you receive the layout please read carefully and note any errors, including spelling, date etc. Once approved by you AJs Mystic Mirror will not be responsible for any errors that were approved. “

The next day we received an email from the couple asking us to redo everything. This includes reprinting all photos, the photo album, and a new USB. There is a significant cost and time that is required to do this. The couple felt that this was our fault and agreed to pay a small fee to redo everything. We decided that we would redo them. This took over 40 hours to redo as we had to: a)redo the overlay b) import all pictures into each overlay, they wanted all the signatures/writing on the overlay so we had to go picture by picture and match up each signature/note c) import all pictures to the photo booth so we can individually print each picture (can not batch print) d)re-design the photo album, engrave, sand, stain and clear coat album e)tape each picture in the photo album e)transfer all pictures to a new USB and f)deliver the photo album. (Thankfully this has only happened once but we have added the following (in two areas) to our contract due to this error.

“Mock-ups of overlay and animation will be sent about 2 weeks before your event. Please be very careful to look over everything on the overlay and animation- Once approved by you, AJs Mystic Mirror will not be responsible for any errors that were approved. Should an error occur (such as wrong date, name spelled wrong etc) that is missed by the client, AJs Mystic Mirror will not be responsible to redo any photos/photo album or overlays etc. If you are wanting to have corrections made there will be a charge. (Changing all photos, adding guest’s writing, creating a new photo album with a copy of each picture will be $125.00, reprints of each photo is $.40 each, a USB with the new picture $10.00.)”

Sadly, they never left a review and we found out that the guests also blamed us. So please make sure to read over everything on the animation and overlay.

How We Come Up with Your Design and How to customize a phoot booth in Winnipeg Manitoba

WE take all the elements that you send us and for the most part start with the invitation unless told otherwise. We often use the same (or close to) the same font, various elements we see and the colours from the invitation or that you sent.

Madisyn And Davie wanted us to include pineapples and rose gold. Cory took these elements and created the following overlay:

Madisyn & Davie Oevrlay- Custom , Winnipeg Photo booth, Manitoba Photo Booth
Madisyn & Davie Oevrlay- Custom

As well Cory created this amazing animation for all the details and the pictures, they sent us. Not always will we use all the pictures sent. Cory will look at all pictures and try and pick the best one for the animation. If only one picture is sent no worries, he will usually make it work.


After Cory has created these, I will take elements from the overlay and create the cover to the wooden photo album. These are not shared with you as we like it to be a surprise gift for you. I have at times added an extra little surprise but in some cases I am unable to.


We then ask the client to choose the background that they would like. We will offer up suggestion and send ones that we feel would look good with the overlay. If you do not like our suggestions, we can show you other backdrops. These are a few of the backdrops that we have: (if you are needing a very specific custom backdrop/step and repeat/ customized with logo and we do not have in stock there will be a charge to order them in. We would need to know this, 3 weeks at the latest before the event. Personalized backdrops are more expensive, but we leave these with you if you want.)


The Camper Photo Booth does not require a backdrop. We use the camper as the backdrop, but we can add a few elements if you like.


We have created custom signs for events, these are a few. We have even created faces of the couple when there is time, and we have a photo that works. We try to surprise our clients but, in some cases, we do get requests for themed props.



We love customizing our booth. The Camper is no different. We have customized the camper for Santa, Canada Day, Halloween, and so much more: If you are wanting us to specifically customize the Camper, please let us know. Depending on the theme and what you are requestion there may be a charge.


The Mirror Me we have customized for many events. We have created frames for around the mirror for a few events, including 1920’s, rose gold, silver, Christmas themed and are hoping to create a few more. We have decorated the booth for a Vegas themed photo booth, Christmas, Harry Potter, 1950’s, Western and so much more. If you are wanting us to specifically customize the Mirror Me, please let us know. Depending on the theme and what you are requestion there may be a charge.



We have also customized the Mirror X however there are not as many ways to customize this booth. We have added to the front of the Mirror X wording, hung flowers, and decorated for Christmas. If you are wanting us to specifically customize the Camper Mirror X, please let us know. Depending on the theme and what you are requestion there may be a charge.


With the Camper photo booth, we are unable to use the Mirror as a seating chart as the mirror is inside the camper and it would be too crowded to have your guests go inside the camper to find their seat. However, we can make a customized seating chart for you. Let us know what you were looking for and we can send you a quote.

Customized Seating Chart
Customized Seating Chart

We have created camp mugs, tumblers, champagne, wine glasses for the bride and groom. The prices range from $10.00 plus taxes and up.

We also can create a memorial piece for the bride or groom. This includes charms for you flowers, a necklace, cuff links, ties, socks….. and a much more.

We also create gifts for your bridesmaids, grooms’ men and guests that can be customized to each person. This can range from proposal boxes, jewelry, tumblers, house coats, bags, towels, wine glasses, koozies, shot glasses and if you have any ideas we can send you a quote.

Customized photo folders,





Customized Key chain  with photo booth picture
Customized Key chain

And so much more-

We can even take your photobooth picture and create something special on a mug, tumbler, pillow etc.

Please feel free to contact us for pricing and check out our full catalogue on Facebook. Don’t see if listed we have hundreds of products that are not on our pages, contact us.

A Few Fun Photos from Madisyn and Davie’s special day. Thank you to this very special couple!!