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How We Customize A Photo Booth In Winnipeg Manitoba

Sometimes I forget that people don’t know what I know. Today I will explain what customizing means when you rent one of our Mirror Photo Booths. I will include photos to help with explain. As always, any questions you have, please feel free to contact us.

Definitions Of Overlay, Animation, Seating Charts on the Mirrors

Photo Layout Photo Booth , Photo Layout Photo Booth
Photo Layout Photo Booth

The overlay is the frame around the pictures. We normally do three photos, portrait view. They are normally 4”X7” but we can do strips 2”x6”, and 5”x8”, 6”X9” (there is a small charge for the larger prints) We can do 1,2,3,4,5 pictures per overlay. Portrait is preferred as when people come up to the mirror that is what they are expecting from a full-length mirror but can do horizontal.

We can do black and white, normal colour, green screen (for a charge). We can create a few different overlays for your guests to choose which overlay they would like as well, by swiping the mirror.


The animation is what plays at the start of the photo booth session. This animation plays when the booth is closed as well. We take the photo or logo you send and take elements from the overlay and create an animation that plays when guests step up to the booth.


The seating chart is created from the overlay and animation. The seating chart is an animation which consists of one or two pages (depending on the number of guests.) The guests are either listed by table number with name or alphabetically. We ask that all names and tables are typed on a document that we can copy and paste and that we receive this list a week before the event. We will send a mock-up for you to go over and check the spelling etc. 3 days before the event we ask to have the final list (no further changes can be made after this). We again send a mock-up and have you go over everything, including spelling and then once it is approved it is loaded to the mirror. The guest steps up to the animated seating chart and finds their name with table number. If there is more than one page, they tap the screen, and the page will change. This plays until an attendant arrives to move the mirror into the photo booth area. (About an hour / half hour before the photo booth is to start- while people are eating)


Starting the Customizing

Customizing starts right from the beginning. How to customize a phoot booth in Winnipeg Manitoba ?

When we send out the contract, we ask for information from you we ask a few very important questions and have you send back some information.

Of course, we require what the event will be. Is it a wedding, birthday, grad, ….?

For our example I will use a wedding. Madisyn and Davie who were getting married on July 16, 2022. They were having an outdoor wedding and requested the Camper Photo Booth. We sent them a contract and asked them the following: