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Let’s Talk Backdrops When You Rent Our Photo Booth In Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba

Let’s talk backdrops when you rent our photo booth In Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba

I often get asked about our backdrops and have intended to create one place that clients can go to check out our backdrops. Well here it is.....

When you rent our photo booth in Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba, we include a backdrop free of charge. There is no additional charge unless you want a customized backdrop and then we can send you a quote. These custom backdrops may be a step and repeat that has your logo or product on it, the backdrop may have a specific name or picture on it, or you may have a very specific theme that you are wanting a very specific backdrop for. The backdrops that we can never use again we will charge you for, however if it is a backdrop that you are wanting, and we can see that we could use it in the future we may consider ordering it for your event. There may be a small charge and we would have to have at least two months notice to order it.

The backdrops below are from Premium One Backdrops website. Feel free to order directly from Premium One Backdrops or we can order for you.

As we grow...

When we started out, we started with the simple pole backdrop stand. We purchased curtains and printed backdrops that either slide on the backdrop or can be clipped on to the stand. We continue to use this set-up when we are setting up a second booth or when that specific backdrop is requested. Our goal is to eventually replace all the backdrops and the stand with a higher end backdrop stand that is 100 times sturdier.

In December 2022, we decided to purchase our first higher-end backdrop stand and backdrops. We found an amazing woman owned company that is also is in the photo booth business, so she knows the struggles and is ready to help in anyway she can. Premium One Backdrops has helped to bring our photo booth to the next level.

Have Some Fun and Help Us Out... Pick Some Backdrops For When You Rent Our Photo Booth In Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba

Take a look at what Premium One Backdrop has to offer. Please feel free to pick a few backdrops that you think we should look into getting. We can’t guarantee that we will purchase it, but it will give us an idea as to what our clients like.

If you want to order a backdrop, please contact either us to place the order. Please include which backdrop you would like to purchase or what you would like to have on it and we can send you a quote and estimate delivery time.

HELP US -Send Us Some of Your Favorite Backdrops

Please note that these backdrops we do not have instock- this is just a wish list for the future.

Backdrops When You are Renting the Mirror Me or Mirror X for an Event in Winnipeg or Southern Manitoba

  1. When renting the Mirror Me or the Mirror X we will send you some ideas of some of the backdrops that we think would look really good with the overlay we created. We have learned that it is best to wait until the custom overlay has been completed before you finalize the backdrop. This way you can coordinate which backdrop looks the best.

  2. When choosing your backdrop please remember for the most part you really are not going to see the backdrop very much. The focus is always on the guest(s) in the photo, so don't stress to much over your choice.

Remeber that it's the people in the photo that you want to showcase not the backdrop.
The Backdrop Is not the Focus

3. The backdrop is on or close to the wall. When thinking about placement we always try and have the backdrop against a wall. We know that is not always possible, but when they are free standing people tend to fall into it and knock it over. Especially later in the night. (see our story time at the end of this blog)

The space between the Mirror Me and the Backdrop, which is up against a wall
The space between Mirror and BD

Behind the Mirror Me looking at the backdrop - 8 foot apart so many guests can fit in.
Behind the Mirror Me looking at BD

4. The Mirror is between 6 and 8 feet from the backdrop- allowing room for larger groups and positioning of the flash.

5. When thinking about your design we suggest a portrait photo, over a horizontal photo. Most of our backdrops are floor length and the mirror is portrait when you stand in front of it. People always walk up thinking they are taking a full body pose due to this. We also can fit more people in a portrait photo. If you want horizontal, we will make it work, and they are still fun photo's to take.

6. Our backdrops, for the most part are 8 foot x 8 foor. A few are a bit larger and a few a bit smaller.

No need to pick a backdrop if you rent the Camper Photo Booth-Camper Booth has own backdrop, we do also customize the Camper booth to the event in Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba
Camper Booth has own backdrop

If You Are Renting the Camper Photo Booth In Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba

If you are thinking of renting our beautiful 1965 Camper Photo Booth, there is no need to pick a backdrop as the camper is your backdrop. So you can skip this step, but we would still love to hear what your favorite backdrop is or let us know which ones we should purchase in the box above.

Here Is Our Selection of Backdrops We Have, When You Rent Our Photo Booth for An Event in Winnipeg or Southern Manitoba

Click on the backdrop for the name. Please note that the backdrops are first come first served. We will do our best to provide the backdrop of choice but many are double sided backdrops. This means if the backdrop on the other side is already booked we are unable to supply you with that backdrop.

***please note that to get this up and running I did not take the time to steam the backdrops as they are being put back right away. As we use the backdrops I will take pictures and replace them omce steamed. (all backdrops are cleaned and steamed before each event)

Once you makeup your mind you can either email me your choice or click the button below and sent your selection to me. Please include the date of your event so I can make sure it is booked for you. Also please send us your second choice and we will confirm your choice.

So normally I have so many stories to tell but today I can only think of one.

Story Time
We had been at an event for 2 and a half hours and had a half hour to go. The party was very lively and so much fun! The DJ had everyone on the dance floor, the food was amazing and we had a nice line-up. We started to notice a few of the guests were having issues walking straight and standing.
A group came in, it was very noticible that atleast 3 of them were having issues stamding and taking direction. The poor girl's tried everything to get them to listen and pose , but it became a "just take the picture" momment.
As the camera is counting down 3, 2, 1 ... I look at the guests as 2 of the back people both start falling into the backdrop. As the backdrop came down the flash snapped. It was an epic picture and we coul dneever have recreated it.
The look on the guests faces was priceless. I looked everywhere for the picture but we had updated the booth a few times since it occured in 2019.

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Dan Goneau
Dan Goneau
08 may 2023

How can I get featured on here?

Me gusta
Contestando a

Hi, the company features here is who I purchase my backdrops from. Yuo are welcome to send me an email about what you offer and if I purchase from you I can feature yours.

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