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Elliott and Leah Holland Manitoba April 27 2024 Wedding Photo Booth Rental

Oops, We Did It Again!

We're still laughing about our latest event blunder. You know, that moment when you're so excited to get started that you totally forget to take pictures of your setup? Yep, that was us. Again. But don't worry, we managed to snap a few at the end of the night, so you can still see the magic we created.

Mirror X with FLower Backdrop End of Night Picture
Mirror X with FLower Backdrop End of Night Picture

The Early Birds

We arrived at the venue a full half hour before the event started, ready to do our final setup routine. And guess what? We weren't alone. A whole crowd of eager little munchkins (and a few grown-ups too) followed us to the booth, practically bouncing with excitement as they waited for us to open.

Now, we usually stick to our guns and wait until the official start time, thanks to that pesky contract. But these kids? They melted our hearts. So what if we opened a little early? It's not like we were getting paid, right? Plus, their creativity and enthusiasm made the whole night worth it.

Wedding Photo Booth Rental Manitoba

Meet the Munchkins

Let's talk about these kids. We were expecting a typical crowd of overexcited kiddos, ready to try on every prop in sight. But these little ones? They blew us away. Each and every one of them carefully chose props that perfectly matched their characters, showing off their creativity and attention to detail. We spent the entire night giggling and admiring their parents, who clearly did an amazing job raising such awesome kids.

A Big Thank You

Elliott and Leah, we're so grateful for your love and support. And a huge shoutout to everyone who donated to the Holland Ball Diamonds Rejuvenation Project auction!

A Venue Worth Checking Out

If you're looking for a fantastic venue, we can't recommend the Holland Community Centre enough. The staff were incredibly friendly and accommodating, the wifi was a breeze to set up, and the hall was absolutely stunning. If you're planning an event out of town, definitely put this place on your radar.

Congratulations, Elliott and Leah!

Congratulations to the happy couple! May your lives be filled with love, laughter, and amazing adventures. And a big thank you to the generous tipper – you made our night!

Wedding Photo Booth Rental Manitoba

Exciting News from AJs Mystic Mirror

We've got two huge events happening this week at AJs Mystic Mirror! We're so excited, and we'd love for you to be a part of the fun.

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Let's get this party started!

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